Sharon Bamford

8 Dec

Sharon Bamford

I was recently at a society conference where Sharon Bamford was recognised as the welcomed guest speaker. Sharon Bamford, in short, is an entrepreneurship veteran. She has been a key figure in several global companies including,  The Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE), UK India Business Council (UKIBC), Edinburgh Technopole, and so forth. She is one of the leading female entrepreneurs and has received several awards for her achievements.

Her speech covered most of her professional career, alongside giving out some useful advice to the workings of the business world. Moving in and out of companies is not easy for anyone, and knowing when to leave or when to stay at a company isn’t that much easier. Sharon Bamford however, left her decisions to her instinct. Her and her husband live in Aberdeen and while her husband throws caution to the wind, mostly advising her to stick with organisations, and work for a little longer, Sharon drops all she’s doing and starts over new. For most people this can be a scary thing to do, but without that faith that everything will be fine, dropping a job, or your organisation may be a struggle.

Business ethics for Sharon is the most important characteristic in business today. A strong, honest business mind will always serve well in business surroundings. When a person proves to be honest, hard-working and true to their word, their traits are quickly shared within organisations and a good word is heard all around. This is very important for potential ties with organisations and so on. Aswell as talking about business ethics another main topic through her speech was ‘passion’ and ‘working with policy’. Having a passion for what you are doing makes the effectiveness and work output a lot more efficient. It just doesn’t take passion, motivation, and persistence are key factors when working towards achieving your goals.

Working with policy is always essential when running a business. More often than not policies change and adapting to those changes, and being able to benefit of those changes is the difference between those who last and those who don’t. Taking, IBM for an example. They’re ability to change from not only a products organisations but to adapt to the market and introduce services has kept IBM standing for over 100 years. If you are working with policy, it is also essential to work with the customer, another key point Sharon picked out. Know what your customer wants, and keep communicating with your customer. Once you lose interest of the customer, the business fails. The customer is the only reason why a business can exist in the first place.

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Review: Tribes by Seth Godin

25 Nov

Tribes by Seth Godin

Seth Godin, one of the great bloggers of our time writes possibly his most influential book yet. Tribes is a book based around the workings of leadership and the formation of a movement, or a tribe. A tribe is a group of people interconnected with one another all following the same cause, fighting for that cause, and contributing to that cause to make a difference. According to Godin we all want to be part of a tribe, part of an organisations which can transform our lives and shape the people we are today. Following that movement however requires a certain someone, or a group of people who are willing to lead the way, show us the path to where we want to go.

Seth Godin gives us a more influential kick, rather than a step by step guide to leadership. Leading a tribe, according to Godin, requires 5 key ingredients of personality being:

– Authenticity – “Generous and authentic leadership will always defeat the selfish efforts of someone doing it just because they can.”

– Faith – “The secret of leadership is simple:  Do what you believe in.  Paint a picture of the future.  Go there.  People will follow.”

Commitment – “If your organization requires success before commitment, it will never have either”

Courage – “You can talk over the fear, laying out a game plan that makes the fear obsolete… making it clear to yourself (and others) that the world is now demanding that we change. “

Change – “People yearn for change, they relish being part of a movement, and they talk about things that are remarkable, not boring.”

These key features of leadership come in all shapes and form. Leaders arent born, but are made, through self motivation and the drive to be different. The yearn for a change is only put into motion once actions that can bring on that change are taken, and through these actions we create a movement. Godin explains the world as a place that repels change, a place where the status quo is difficult to change. Once you as a leader take on a movement the world will throw obstacles and set back to take you down, but its that drive, motivation and faith that the status quo can be broken that brings out true leaders.

This book is a great, complete guide to the challenges a leader faces and how to vercome those challenges. It isn’t put out into ‘how to’ form but examples and breakdowns make it simple enough to take in.  A great read for anyone who’s striving to different, a person who is taking on the status quo to promote a change. As in Godin’s other books a lot of the tools focused on are based around the internet. Blogging and social networks provide a firm base in which leaders can connect with their tribe (and vice versa) and the tribe among themselves. Godin touches upon how change today is what the world is looking for. The heretics are taking over the world and will shape our future tomorrow, if you want to be one of those heretics, don’t let fear, selfishness, and time set you back. The time is now, we are waiting for you, and we need you to lead us.

Book Rating : 5/5